Most Memorable Posts Of 2006!

I just received some great news about my blog on Two of my recent posts were chosen as “Most Memorable Posts of 2006”.

Here they are:

Your Values Are Your Brand: Part 1

I Promise: Those are Some Strong Words

I’m proud and humbled.


2 responses to “Most Memorable Posts Of 2006!

  1. The Lovely Wife

    It’s ME! TLW…ROAR!

    Congratulations on writing two of the best Blog Posts I have ever read. You are an extremely talented writer.

    Your topics are refreshing and heartwarming. I can honestly say that I have never scrolled past any of your Blog posts. They are worth reading and I look forward to your ongoing presence in Active Rain. 🙂

    Great Blog Site my friend. I like it. 🙂 Wink. Wink.

    Live From Active Rain…The Lovely Wife…ROAR!

  2. You’re just in love. 🙂 It’ll pass.

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