OK, So I Like To Write Poems… So What?

It doesn’t make me less of a man. Does it?

I haven’t written any poems in a long, long time. But I enjoy it.

I’m not sure why I stopped, but I know whay I started. Many who know me aren’t aware of this, but I used to be a mental health administrator. At age 22, I was doing things someone that age shouldn’t be doing. And I did it at two different state mental hospitals – New Castle State Developmental Center, in New Castle, Indiana, and Central State Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In both places, I was working with the worst of the worst cases. At New Castle, it was with mentally disabled, multiple diagnosis patients with severe behavior disorders. At Central State, it was with the criminally “insane.” I have few fond memories of my experiences in either place. I wrote poems to escape from the stress.

I’m going to start sharing them here. Perhaps it will influence me to write again. Who knows.


4 responses to “OK, So I Like To Write Poems… So What?

  1. This is a test response.

  2. The Lovely Wife

    Did you get an A?
    I don’t have to stay on topic…Do I?
    Wink. Wink.

  3. I always get an A.


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