when life’s biggest problem is ambulation
you sometimes turn to self-stimulation
not solely by choice or premeditation
you just want to find some relief
so you wiggle your fingers in exhaltation
and puff out your cheeks in wild jubilation
and try extra hard to fight off the frustration
that comes from the pain and the grief
but sooner or later there comes the temptation
to shake off the boredom and seek consultation
on the most proper way to acheive sure elation
but no one offers to teach
so you turn to yourself to avoid confrontation
and try to decode all the strange information
that exudes from the people who stand at the station
which is clearly out of your reach
we say your retarded beyond remediation
yet lay out a plan for your normalization
but no one told you about the situation
what if it’s against your beliefs
so we carry out our plans for behavior modification
without true concern for long term implications
maybe we’ll achieve some real satiation
but do we really care in the least
why don’t we worry about wars between nations
and find out the answer to high rise inflation
let’s forget about Terry’s self-stimulation
and leave him alone in his world of elation
life’s tough enough without all this frustration
all he really wants is relief



5 responses to “relief-iation

  1. I enjoyed reading this.
    Great rhyme, rhythm.
    Poor Terry though.

  2. Yes… poor Terry. The inspiration for every poem from that time was a live human being in a real state of hurt, psychosis, etc.


  3. The Lovely Wife

    I don’t even know what to say after reading that. Other than the fact that you’re writing skills are extraordinary…I’m speechless. Well in this case letter less 🙂


  4. I was younger and smarter than I am now. 🙂

  5. The Lovely Wife


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