i want her

i am longing
for her
i am frozen
i don’t move
i don’t speak
i barely breathe
i want her
to want me
without my urging
without a single hint
that I want her
to touch me
that I need her
to touch me
i don’t want her
to act from my need
but from her own
i want her
to reach out
with compulsion
unable to stop herself
unable to refrain
if i ask
it will ruin it
without a question
it won’t happen
i’m still
not asking
i wait
imperfect stillness
i wait
for her to touch
for her to move
for her
to push
to invade me
my space
i want her
to brush lightly against me
i want her
to stroke
any part of my body she can reach
i want her
to touch
as if she too were waiting
and still
for me
to touch her
but could no longer hold back
as if she needed
more than i needed
i want her
to grab me
i want her
to reach out
as if I were falling
as if she could
lose me
any minute
right now

i wait
for what seems
like an eternity

i finally speak
good night
and drift away

there will be other nights

after a long time away from home


10 responses to “i want her

  1. The Lovely Wife

    I have read this four times and each time is better than the last. All I have for this is a very long deep sigh as I look out at the lake and imagine a man this much in love with a woman. TLW…ROAR!

  2. The Lovely Wife

    I know.

  3. Naughty Heather

    That is absolutely fantastic. The longing is palpable. I love it.

  4. Good One! wisdom + flow = niceness.

  5. I like the non-communication. I like how you are expecting her to read your mind, and probably would find that hers is saying the same thing. Good stuff.

  6. Thanks all. That one was pure heart. No filters.

  7. wow! you are one lucky man, to be THAT in love with your wife. I’m glad I found this.

  8. The concept of “loving someone more than you love yourself” was theoretical for me until I met Rocky.

  9. Great poem. Excellent, original use of language!


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