untitled poem

think fast young men of social fame
and do your homework well
for only time can prove your claim
and only time will tell
what form of idle chatter breathed
will harm those who have waned
those from whom you’ll steal the wreath
they themselves have gained
across the tattered pages
of your oft’ entangled minds
a weaving trail of wrath and rage
is threatening to unwind
so guard your passions all with zeal
and set your hearts to gain
and try to make that one last deal
before you go insane
think fast young men, don’t look behind
and do your homework well
just keep your noses to the grind
your life shall be your hell

sometime in 1984

This was a note written on the same piece of paper as the poem:

(I wrote a poem, of sorts, during the administration meeting today. It’s kind of weird. I’m not sure I know what it is saying or means. It was born of frustration. It has no title, yet, but it will.)

20 responses to “untitled poem

  1. You know what I like about you? Your ability to rhyme so well. Rhyming is so difficult for me. This is great JWT.

  2. Frustration, disdain, and remorse? Such vivid language and so well placed…”tattered…entangled…wrath…rage.”

  3. That’s really quite nice. I could probably make it into a song sometime if you’d like.

    So what’s the title anyway?

  4. jaunty, you can do anything you like my cousin! I have no idea what the title is… I think it’s funny.

    queenmabsmuse… muchas gracias!

    kim, you kill me. You rhyme like a rap master when you make the effort. I think you just don’t like to! πŸ™‚

  5. no I can only rhyme words like “cat” and “ball”.

  6. liar, liar
    pants on fire
    your rhyming powers
    are obviously higher
    it’s YOUR skills that I admire
    your level to which I aspire
    liar, liar
    pants on fire

  7. Very lovely poem! I went on reading some more of your poetry, and I didn’t read one that I didn’t like. Nice!

  8. today we had to hire a new employee
    vacationing Sarah trusted the choice to me

    I hired Justin to replace Dustin

    I might be replaced by Don
    …or even Juan
    Eddie’s job could go to Freddy
    Steve may lose his gig to Eve

    Adjua & Douglas?…
    They’ll never be allowed to leave our company

  9. Naughty Heather

    You wrote that during a meeting? Nice! Must have been a boring, frustrating, PITA meeting…

    I once wrote a whole series of haiku in a staff meeting, and called it “why people with ADD should not be required to sit through a staff meeting.”

    Nice work – I’m loving these little nuggets of your younger self!

  10. kenzilee… thank you for stopping by! I’m off to read your blog when I’m done here.

    jaunty… I like that very much!!!! πŸ™‚

    Naughty One… my younger self was interesting, but confused… which made for some nice writing angst.

  11. Thanks. If my lil’ late night ramble is good, it’s because it’s true.

    r.e. yrr reply to Naughty One: sometimes I miss the angst-writing moments of the younger me. Other than a very short list of other things I miss about young jaunty, life is fuller and more balanced now. May it continue. What a ride!

  12. Terrific poem, love the irony. It’s also nice to see someone who can still handle a set rhyme and meter scheme.


  13. I wrote a poem and thought it rhymed
    but someone let me know it sucked big time.
    Ha, geez, I need to answer the question, what kind of poet do I want to be? Am I a poet at all?
    Am I even a writer? Who am I? How did I get here? Who are you and why am I writing on this blog? And the days go by……..

  14. LOL! I don’t care why you are writing on this blog. I only care that you continue to do it! πŸ™‚

  15. Jeff, you are introducing me to a whole new world. For good or ill, I don’t know, but its fun.

  16. John, I’m just honored you stop by, read and comment. It’s rewarding, personally.

  17. after reading your note, i can see i was wrong, but i thought the poem was about the fleeting ambition and rewards of show business.

    great stuff!


  18. Well, since I’ve had “some” experience with show business folks, I can see how you might think that. πŸ™‚

  19. Your poems are incredible.. guess we do learn a lot on these blog tours..

  20. πŸ™‚ thanks, Kaye.

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