her hands were
i learned that
our first date
i held out my hand
and she grabbed it
it startled me

her feet were
i learned that
our first night
i spooned her gently
tangling our feet
it startled me

her heart was
i learned that
the hard way
i opened my heart
and she broke it
it startled me

another challenge poem


7 responses to “cold

  1. TLW [SVW]… please don’t give me another challenge. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Heather.

  3. Yeah I do too. I wouldn’t have guessed the direction of it from the title and I love how you describe the adjective, “cold” with three tangible events in a relationship. I do love it when you write. Great job. K

  4. Yeah I don’t know what the beginning of that comment meant, I thought Heather was saying , “she liked it”, and so I was agreeing. It doesn’t matter, it’s still good.

  5. You’re cracking me up today! I guess… in truth… I do like the challenges, since they “force” me to write. Hmmm… maybe I should just challenge myself. Now there’s a thought.

  6. The Lovely Wife


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