Roses Are Red

Roses are
red obviously is
lips are
and apples are
red and so is cherry fizz

rashes are
and blushes are
and bloodshot eyes are too
and bulls eyes
and warning signs
and dorothy’s shiny shoes

violets are not

responding to a tag


15 responses to “Roses Are Red

  1. This is my response to tomachfive‘s tagging. The tag? Write a post starting with “Roses are red…”

  2. Yes! Poetize!

    Love it.


  3. Thanks, inkrambles!

  4. LoL I love your poem. You know, it reminded me of something Shel Silverstein might write. I love his work.

  5. You’ve done it again, you a bit of a smart ass and I like that about you. Great job. Kim

  6. You have demystified red, for poets both mystify and amplify the real. Makes me so proud of you.

  7. This also puts a new twist on the Classic “roses are Red” poem. And, like tomachfive, you nailed it. Great poem.


  8. Thanks everyone… I decided to take the smart ass route (yes, Kim, I am ) with this one. I’m glad it worked. 🙂

  9. kenzielee… I know I was influenced by Shel on this because I am reading from “A Light In The Attic” right now to my kids.

  10. Brilliant brilliant brilliant

  11. thank you thank you thank you

  12. JWT, just wanted to let you know that I unfortunately am no longer able to maintain my blog. Please remove me from your blogroll. Thanks for everything. It’s been fun. anabelsmith

  13. I would add another “brilliant” to zaphodfreek’s comment. You’ve made red my favorite color in less than a minute.

  14. Joseph… thank you for stopping by! High praise my friend.

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