she is

she is
a wish
a hope
a dream
a curse
a net
a trap
a snare
a thirst
a want
a hunger
a yen
a first

she is
a memory



11 responses to “she is

  1. fabulous – love the rhythm!!

  2. she’s many things i see…U kinda equal out the negative and postive attributes, so it’s hard to know how to precieve her…Like most people, hmmm all people, she complicated. Nice…

  3. Heather… muchas gracias.
    PinkEmeralds… very complicated. 🙂 All the good ones are.

  4. And she was…
    (must be channeling Talking Heads, right now)

  5. Great now Michael has put that damn song in my head.
    I like her. She’s missed but can only be appreciated from this safe distance. Me like.
    bout time you posted something else. 🙂
    Yet when inspiration strikes you, it’s marvelous.

  6. Thanks, Kim. Yeah, inspiration has been lacking of late. Glad you like! 🙂

  7. You know I see you browse past my little blog there.
    Be nice if you could venture a comment or two heh?
    All kidding aside, playing round robin over at nextgr8t, wanna play?

  8. What the heck is round robin?

  9. It’s where one person starts a story and other people add or contribute to it for it to move along.
    I must say it’s gotten pretty spicy. I’m impressed.

  10. I like this piece, especially because i can relate to everything stated in it. Good poem.

  11. Hmmmm…. deliciously sensual, bursting in images.

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