Does She Hear Me

i say i love you every chance
i get
hoping  she can hear
and yet
wondering if my words
are met
with joy or hidden fear
by childhood dreams
i know she hears and still
i fret

in the moment

10 responses to “Does She Hear Me

  1. Love love love this one!

  2. Heather… thank you. I almost didn’t post it. 🙂

  3. this flows nicely.

  4. I can’t figure out how to break out of structure…

  5. J-
    the only way to do it really is to pick a particular format (traditional) and make your ideas fit into it. it makes poetry like putting a puzzle together.
    can be frustrating but sometimes it’s rewarding but not always. and not everything needs structure. some things are good as they are.
    you have to put the words together as they come to you, that is your poetic voice and what makes you unique. i thought this was good but then i always like your stuff.

  6. Kim… I’d really like to get better at this. Where can I go to learn more?

  7. I did a post awhile back on the different forms of poetry. It’s a start. Then if you see one you want more info on, I suggest typing it into wikipedia (the writers safety net) Here’s the link:

  8. great pic btw, you look so happy

  9. i like it. no, i more than like it. i just can’t find a good enough word to express that idea.

  10. Kim… I am happy. 🙂

    K.M. thanks. I think Woody Allen came up with Lurv for these circumstances.

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