the ignorance of youth

i crap more sense in one day
than you spew out your pie hole in a year
and still you walk around smug
and clueless, grinning from ear to ear
because i struggle to find a way
to force you to shut up for once and hear
that i don’t like you or your ideas.
i wish i could make myself perfectly clear
serously! this look on my face?
that’s not me grinning. it’s a snear!
yet here i stand, patting you on the back
acting like i think you’re my peer

your ignorance must truly be bliss
but mine makes me want to just disappear

reflecting on a younger version of me

8 responses to “the ignorance of youth

  1. makes me wonder who the intended target is. Very well done, almost Dylanesque the way the anger comes through.


  2. smith… Dylanesque is a compliment for me, so thank you. It was directed at someone specific, but done looking back on how I might have handled them 20 years ago.

  3. Today as I flow back and forth between a very dark world to the superficial world in which I pretend to live and enjoy, I remember my days at Berkeley when I allowed myself to relish the words of Sylvia Plath and write what I really thought and not what I thought others wanted to hear. So which is better, the ignorance of youth or the dishonesty of experience?

  4. Diane… in my case, the ignorance of youth was not saying what I really thought. It was a byproduct of my very, very conservative Christian philosophy at the time. Honesty, authenticiy, for me has come with time. Not the other way around. But if ignorance of youth meant the opposite of dishonesty, I’d take the ignorance of youth.

  5. Wow the anger is so fresh in this it’s hard to tell that it’s talking about the past, even with the youth in the title. It’s great to see you finding your voice.

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  7. Ha. this is great. Memory lane. Still a great poem.

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