words without rhymes

hard to believe, but true

i tried, but no rhyme too

you’d think that something should

hoped that something would

it’s short, but no rhyme still

nope – nothing ever will

i should take my time
but we all know it has no rhyme


20 responses to “words without rhymes

  1. I enjoyed reading this poem a lot. Very clever, well-crafted. Kudos.

  2. janetleigh… thanks. I stumbled on a list of words with no English rhymes and thought it might be fun.

  3. Some words are just meant to be used in the middle of the line, I guess. 😉


  4. I actually read an article this week that presented two real English rhymes for “orange.” Both of them were archaic proper nouns that really don’t mean anything in modern terms. As a result, I can’t recall the words or even where I read about them.

  5. JT… you gotta find that for me. 🙂

  6. smith… that may be the funniest comment line I’ve ever read. 🙂

  7. interesting. but i didn’t know you couldn’t rhyme any word with ‘silver’

  8. Always happy to amuse. 8)


  9. I used to have an orange kitchen . . well I still do, but different house, different story .. Anyhow! I had an orange kitchen, and in my orange kitchen I had a sign .. it read “Orange rhymes with kitchen.” No one, absolutely no one understood it, but I got a kick out of it.
    This post, as lovely as it is!, reminded me of my old kitchen.

  10. Mary L. Floyd

    New word according to Oxford Dictionary is hirpling, meaning walking with a hobble, between walking and crawling. A verb, but used as a nown, example-Tiger Woods played in the US Open with a hirple, would rhyme with purple.

  11. Silver- Chilver, a female lamb
    Purple- Hurple, the back legs of a horse
    Blorange- a hill in Wales

  12. um pint-tint

  13. dosn’t that ryme?

  14. oh sorry prounounced it wrong

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  16. jwturner,

    Chimney rhymes with dimly, like: there was a small white dimly lit light in the chimney pit bright.

    Depth rhymes with Choropleth, like, the depth of the choropleth was like a death of a man high on meth whose breath was as messed as Shakespeare writing MacBeth.

    Your right, Month doesn’t rhyme with anything, but i’m sure Eminem can figure something out.

    Orange rhymes with a lot of things, lol, … Eminem’s Song: Brain Damage: “… Then I got up and ran to the Janitor’s storage booth, kicked the door hinge loose and ripped out the four inch screws, grabbed some sharp objects, brooms, and foreign tools, This is for everytime you took my orange juice…” LOL

    pint as in the measureable version, lol, has no rhymes.

    Purple – nothing rhymes with that either. lol

    nothing rhymes with silver, but there are others that do rhyme.

  17. Purple- circle
    Sliver, kill her


  19. Nurple even though not a real word but close to purple.

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