I Am FWPS (pronounced fwips)

i am FWPS
i am growing in size
i am adaptive training personified
i have no mentor
i am self-sufficient
and all who oppose me
are found deficient
feel my power
feel the pressure swell
try to escape my programming hell
yes, i am FWPS
i am crushing your time
and soon my complexity
will crush your mind
when it finally does
you will need my plans
you will need to be on
my adaptive programs
i will teach
i will give men a purpose
there will be no more
three module circus
and life will be happy
and all will extol
for i am FWPS
and i am taking control


In 1984, I wrote the following about this poem:

“This poem may be a bit overdone, but I believe it summarizes my feelings on behavior modification when it is pursued as a means to an end. FWPS, by the way, stands for Facility Wide Programming System. It was designed to make adaptive programming more systematic. But it’s becoming a religion around here. These people are like religious fanatics and the system… has become a god.”


One response to “I Am FWPS (pronounced fwips)

  1. It never fails, you have a way with rhythm and rhyme.
    I am liking these.

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