midnight poetry

straight up
as evening fades to morning

reach out
start typing without warning

slow down
words are just not forming


because teresa thinks i should write more 


7 responses to “midnight poetry

  1. Keep Writing jw and we will keep reading

  2. Teresa thinks you should write more???? Holly cow, how?

  3. Vinod… thank you!

    Ines… not sure. I’m going to try drugs next. 🙂

  4. I am struggling right now too.
    For some reason, I’ve lost my writer.
    I mean the words form in my head but I’ve been too tired to write them down.
    And when I do, I think they suck.
    I agree with Teresa because that is just what I was saying to myself. Just write something, and then write something else. It doesn’t have to be good, just start writing again, you know?

  5. Kim… your encouragement is wonderful. Thank you. I don’t know whay, but with this stuff, I seem to wait for inspiration. Something has to trigger it. Having a hard time getting pas it.

  6. Do I know THAT feeling! Oddly, some of my best stuff came spilling out at three in the morning. 😦


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