techie tots

i’m tired of listening
to the techie tots
talk about their toys
and the google bots
itty bitty little
toddler tech minds
drooling all over their
cool new web finds
the latest, greatest
gizmo wizbang
sure to attract
the X, Y, Z gang
riding on their
neo bubble
too drunk on tech
to smell the trouble
been there, done that,
callin’ it a day
tired of the techie tots
and web 2.0 cliches



9 responses to “techie tots

  1. who are you and where is tool boy?

  2. Are you still on wordpress?

  3. 🙂 I’m still alive.

  4. Hello,

    Although the style here is different then mine – I think what you write is of a high caliber…but you did not need me to say that – I am sure you already knew…

    Well Done


  5. Poetman… I wonder sometimes. This is my most vulnerable area. I have little confidence in this one. So I thank you much.

  6. Are you going to write another poem?

  7. Very, very good. I liked the pace, the sentiment and message. Thank you.

    (from California, land of ttots)

  8. Nicely done. I certainly second the sentiment.


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