Tired Of Thinkin’

Timothy Lincoln
was tired of thinkin’,
so he popped his head right off his neck.

And he laid it down
by his feet on the ground,
and his mouth said, “What the heck!?!”

His ears heard the chatter,
but it didn’t matter.
His body had already darted.

His feet began walkin’
as his mouth was still talkin’
and his eyes teared up as he departed.


captured in the moment using Jott.com
on the way home from picking up my son

6 responses to “Tired Of Thinkin’

  1. Nice.

    Every so often
    I feel like doing just that.

  2. Based on the pace of poems coming to this site, I obviously do it more often than not. 🙂

  3. Great rhymes!!!
    Well, that’s one way to stop thinking…:)
    this has good rhythm. Like a couple of limericks.

    Hope you’re well.

  4. Well done. Love the rhythm! You have a good ear!


  5. Very nice. I like how you use the form and rhyme to tell the story … without forcing them. That is the hard part, no?

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