michael’s delusion

all around me are simple minds
simple minds draped in the glory of their ignorance
for them, this is truly bliss
happiness is relative
and peace is an abstract
that can only become reality
when the struggle for it is lost
for all around me are simple minds
draped in the glory of their ignorance

at Central State Hospital, 1984
Indianapolis, IN
written from what i thought might be the perspective of a patient named “michael”

one of my lost poems


2 responses to “michael’s delusion

  1. What can you do but try to do everything to trigger the conscious mind to change from blissful ignorance to poignant concern. What can you do but try to do all you can to evidence that this brings such greater reward – to care, to feel, to show appreciation, to truly love … everyone for who they are and who they can be. My darling Dad died from MRSA several weeks after a miraculous recovery from an 11 hour heart operation, some of the nurses didn’t care and left him hurting through the night and some of them did care and looked after him beautifully. To them he was truly grateful.

    But while I felt anger towards those who didn’t help him when I wasn’t there to hold his hand, he showed no remorse at all – he saw that they had become demoralised, that they had given up from unfair treatment, long hours, poor resources (whatever) and he forgave them. He evidenced to me that real poignant concern is not selective, it must be felt for everyone because we all have our story and we all need to be cared for, however badly we behave. Behind every behaviour lies a reason and behind every person lies the need to be loved and understood – only this can truly heal us and make things right.

    A truly wonderful poem, thank you x

  2. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of ignorance. But no matter what, happiness is relative. I’m trying to apply that gentle concept to my life. Great piece JT. kim

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