i miss you

your face
on my screen is
gripping my brain
I know it’s a photo
but it drives me insane
it’s solely to blame
for the sleep
i’m delaying
for this moment’s
for the demons
i’m slaying
for this game
that I’m playing
for this price
that I’m paying
for the urge
i’m obeying
for these words
I’m relaying
and the ones
I’m not saying


4 responses to “i miss you

  1. JT.
    I’ve gone off and built myself a website. It would be a great honor if you’d add it to your links. Of course I’ve kept a spot for you. Thanks…Love this poem btw…. next one…i’d like to hear the ones you ‘weren’t saying’…it would make a good one.

  2. Jeff, this is incredible. I’m a poet myself and can really appreciate these words!!!

    this is one of my favorite haikus that I wrote 8-20-2003

    i shall now resist
    this desire must fade, desist…
    yet i still want more.

  3. šŸ™‚ Taryn, I don’t promote this blog, so I’m always thrilled when someone finds it. So glad you like. And thank you for sharing yours!

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