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wipe that smile off of your face

here she comes, walking up the aisle
the stewardess with the plastic smile
she’s moving at a turtle’s pace
a silly look upon her face
it appears to be glued just above her chin
that ever present, stupid grin
can’t she see i’m not in the mood
to watch someone else feel so good
she doesn’t mean it anyway
it’s just a game she’s paid to play
so, i think i’ll make my flight complete
and as she passes my prime aisle seat
i’ll trip her

on the plane home

you can’t contain passion

i wish I could
bottle this passion
i wish i could sell it in stores
beside haute couture fashion
or along side of chocolate
in candy aisles
and watch as the throngs
would line up for miles
people would flock,
they’d buy it in scores
in malls, boutiques
and grocery stores
i’d be richer than rich,
wealthy beyond measure,
if i could just bottle
this emotional treasure

or i could step up
and just give it away
free passion for all,
every single day
that would be nice,
a huge worldwide win
and everyone could feel
what i’m feeling within
but i can’t even keep it
bottled inside me
you can’t contain passion
you’re feeling so strongly
so i’m letting it flow
right out of my head
and onto this page
in a poem instead