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i am
you are
we are
life is

in the moment

Racing Time

When my 13-year-old son asked for a pencil and paper while we were on the road at Live Oak Plantation, I assumed he was going to draw something. He’s the artist in the family. He came back just a few moments later and handed me this poem. He said, “It just popped into my head.” All I could do was smile, because that’s how the silly poems I write happen with me as well. Silly poems just happen, or they don’t. You haven’t seen one here in a while because one hasn’t “popped” into my head.

So this one is not mine. This is what my son handed me.

Racing Time

Hours are going by me fast
Two minutes just passed
One second is in the back
No. Now he’s in the front of the pack
2:00 is the real cheater
He ties 3:00 to a the street meter
In the end 3:00 wants revenge
So he grabs a rope and chair
And ties 2:00 up to give him a scare
Then he knocks him on the ground
Laughing all around
And snickers as he walks away

JWTurner III
June 29, 2008
Abbeville, LA

perhaps just to scream

Scream Illustration by Jeff Turneri have to release
from the daily routine
to break myself free
sweep out the debris
to make time to breathe
to slow down the speed
and focus on need
i’m tired of the scene
tired of the machine
tired of swimming up stream
of forces unseen
i’m running out of steam
and need a reprieve
a break to just dream
or perhaps just to scream

in the moment
making the illustration helped 🙂

walk with me

my fingers slide
arms opened wide
i touch each side
of the mine at one time
and take each stride
wide eyed but blind
hoping to find
souls of like mind
hearts unconfined
reflecting devine
passionate, kind
values aligned
who’d be just fine
to walk for a time