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Photobucket Limerick

Yesterday I posted A 12 Second Limerick, in honor of 12Second.tv. When you create a video on 12Second.tv it will automatically send your video to Twitter. Immediately, Dee Lees responded with “nice limerick, now do one with a man from Nantucket. :D”

Never one to shy from a challenge, I responded with the following limerick, originally split on Twitter into 2 parts. (1) (2)

There once was a man from Nantucket,
whose photos were on Photobucket.

His friends would all snicker,
“You should be on Flickr.”
Embarrassed, he moved to Pawtucket.


A 12 Second Limerick

there once was a man with 12 seconds
whose videos sought to be beckons
but no one was viewing
the words he was spewing
a waste of his time by all reckons


A 12 Second Limerick as read on 12Seconds.tv