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i miss you

your face
on my screen is
gripping my brain
I know it’s a photo
but it drives me insane
it’s solely to blame
for the sleep
i’m delaying
for this moment’s
for the demons
i’m slaying
for this game
that I’m playing
for this price
that I’m paying
for the urge
i’m obeying
for these words
I’m relaying
and the ones
I’m not saying


The New

i long for the new in you
the first touch of your skin
the surprise of your curves
the shock of your lips
i long for the unforeseen
an unexpected movement
an unpredictable moan
an unforgettable moment
i long for the new in you


of her

thoughts of her distract me
they haunt the halls of my mind
and startle me

the feel of her lingers
long after her touch has been removed
and comforts me

the sound of her is deafening
it drowns out all other voices
and focuses me

the want of her enslaves me
traps me in a prison of fantasies
and tortures me


you can’t contain passion

i wish I could
bottle this passion
i wish i could sell it in stores
beside haute couture fashion
or along side of chocolate
in candy aisles
and watch as the throngs
would line up for miles
people would flock,
they’d buy it in scores
in malls, boutiques
and grocery stores
i’d be richer than rich,
wealthy beyond measure,
if i could just bottle
this emotional treasure

or i could step up
and just give it away
free passion for all,
every single day
that would be nice,
a huge worldwide win
and everyone could feel
what i’m feeling within
but i can’t even keep it
bottled inside me
you can’t contain passion
you’re feeling so strongly
so i’m letting it flow
right out of my head
and onto this page
in a poem instead


poem for a rainy day

if sun should rise
and sun should set,
a day has passed
and I have yet
to tell you that
i need you, how
i want you, then
i’ll tell you now.
this poem serves
to make it clear
to give you peace
to draw you near
to let you know
i crave you too
one thousand days
passed can’t undo
the passion that
i feel for you


i do not miss you

i miss cheers, friends and sex in the city
but i do not lust for their return

i miss college football in february
but i do not yearn for its presence

i miss staying up late to listen to johnny
but i don’t thirst for the sound of his voice

i do not miss you

i thirst for the sound of your voice
i yearn for your presence
i lust for your return


missing my wife