The Paper Bag

I had to come back and add “the bag” to the donut poem below.

For me, the process of how something gets done is as interesting as the thing itself. I’m always intrigued by what triggers something poetic in my brain and the process I go through to get it out. So, I found the bag today and scanned it in. I did it mostly because this blog is looking a bit boring without any graphics, but partly because I’m hoping there are others out there like me who might appreciate the visual.

5 responses to “The Paper Bag

  1. the bag is a nice touch; truth is I could use a donut right about now. i’m new at the whole adding image for effect thing too. hope you’re well, looks like the world just might be ending like you said. feeling rather reflective today. anabel

  2. I thought you and heather liked me?

  3. The bag is a great graphic. I used to have some many things jotted on napkins, old coupons and whatnot, I was afraid to throw anything away.

  4. Thanks. I know there is a tiny notebook somewhere with a whole slew of poems from my youth. I can’t find it. I’d love to show the pieces of each one along side the text, and even edit them to show how I would think about the topics now. I tore apart a box in the garage last week looking for them and couldn’t find them. I fear they are lost. I did find a whole bunch of very poorly written journalistic endeavors however. I won’t be sharing those. 🙂

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