Folding Laundry

i knew the moment
it touched my hand
without even seeing
i could feel her body
filling it’s softness
without her being
here right beside me
suddenly she was
in this shirt so thin
body meeting body
heat touching heat
fingers stroking skin
i lingered in the moment
it touched my hand
as if she were near
wanting her body
to fill it’s softness
wishing she were here

December 8, 2012
folding a shirt she wears to bed

Animal Poem

Do you like horses?
Of courses. Of courses.

Do you like cows?
And hows. And hows.

How about pigs?
We digs. We digs.

And sheep too?
We do. We do.

What about deer?
We cheer. We cheer.

And dogs and cats?
Do you have to ask?


(originally written on June 28, 2008)
For My Kids

a memory

found myself
lost today
miles away
held at bay
by fantasy
you and me
warm embrace
time misplaced
bliss to bliss
endless kiss
a bed abyss
reaching, touching
speaking nothing
seeking, finding
bodies binding
minds unwinding
wanting, needing
hunting, feeding
sound of breathing
pure ecstasy
not a dream
a memory



i’m not a fan
of the separation
the deprivation
the desperation
or the struggle for
quality communication
but i must say
without equivocation
i like the flirtation
the odd fixation
and most of all
i like the anticipation


all is right

covers are filled
with tired children
pillows hold heads
with dreams in flight
beds are carrying
their precious cargo
gently through
a peaceful night
set adrift
on sleep’s vast ocean
all are well
and all is right


waiting to be inspired

the sunsets find me
yearning for their arrival
waiting to be inspired
longing to slip into dusk
into the comfort of night
to prepare for the sunrise
and another day of waiting
to be inspired again

testing ommwriter

I’m On A Train

I’m riding on a train.
I’m writing on a train.
I’m doing my best to try to do
some rhyming on a train.
I’m riding on a train.
I’m writhing on a train.
I’m doing my best to try to keep
from whining on a train.

on a train

i could live with three

if i could limit my life
to words with two letters
would my days and nights
be worse or be better
up and in
would carry the day
down and out
would just go away
on would rule
it would never get tired
and off would leave
it would simply be fired
there’d only be go
there would be no stop
there would be no bottom
there would be no top
that’s all well and good,
but i still don’t think so
’cause there’d be no yes
and there’d only be no
and there’d be no you
i would only have me
so two would not do
but i could live with three



no mercy

you can loot
the spirit of love
there’s plenty to go around

you can rifle
the truth with your lies
and truth will always prevail

you can heist
our dollars in greed
we’ll find other ways to give

and you can take
our rose-colored glasses
we see better without them

but you can’t steal
the innocence of a child
and expect us to act with mercy



just when i think i can see
when i think i’ve caught a glimpse
of a familiar landmark
a clue to where i should turn next
it’s disappears
it simply vanishes
into the shadows of doubt
that surround me in your absence

i look around for a friendly face
someone i could trust to guide me
but everyone feels like a stranger
even the image in the mirror
stares back at me, like a child
and the children riding with me
are simply counting the days
till you return

i’m lost without you