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waiting to be inspired

the sunsets find me
yearning for their arrival
waiting to be inspired
longing to slip into dusk
into the comfort of night
to prepare for the sunrise
and another day of waiting
to be inspired again

testing ommwriter

I’m On A Train

I’m riding on a train.
I’m writing on a train.
I’m doing my best to try to do
some rhyming on a train.
I’m riding on a train.
I’m writhing on a train.
I’m doing my best to try to keep
from whining on a train.

on a train


It’s actually sad to look at the date on my last post. Can it really be that long since I’ve written any kind of poem? Not even a haiku?

Speaking for myself, since there is nobody else to speak for, I often wonder if I should keep it up or not. Perhaps I should just turn it into a personal writing site and forget about trying to force poetry to come. It’s either there or it’s not. As you can see, it’s not been there.

1, 2, 3, 4…

Joey McNulty
awoke with a jolt. He
was startled right out of his bed.

What horrible timing –
loud 3 am rhyming –
a party inside of his head.

After tossing and turning,
he wrote down the whole thing,
smiled proudly and went back to sleep.

But sleep had retreated,
and feeling defeated,
he resorted to just counting sheep.


watching my son do homework