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waiting to be inspired

the sunsets find me
yearning for their arrival
waiting to be inspired
longing to slip into dusk
into the comfort of night
to prepare for the sunrise
and another day of waiting
to be inspired again

testing ommwriter

Roses Are Red

Roses are
red obviously is
lips are
and apples are
red and so is cherry fizz

rashes are
and blushes are
and bloodshot eyes are too
and bulls eyes
and warning signs
and dorothy’s shiny shoes

violets are not

responding to a tag

Poetic Love Affair

I’m in love with two women I’ve never met.

I’m pretty sure my wife knows this, since she reads this blog every once in a while. But I thought it best to be explicit and just come right out and say it.
Their names are Heather and Kim. I don’t have any clue how they found me. The Internet is a wonderful thing. I just know that they came across this blog and began frequenting it and commenting on it. They encourage me to write. But what they do more than anything else is inspire me to be a better writer. I love them because they lead me to explore creativity. They are both gifted.

NudeKim lead me to an amazing post by Writer Chick today, and Heather wrote some Haiku that included an image that awakened another part of me I don’t allow to come to the surface very often. My “artistic” side. The image in her post reminded me of something I “painted” a while back.

I’m all digital all the time. So I’m not really a painter in the classic sense. I use photos as a base and experiment with different techniques using a pressure sensitive tablet that attempt to mimic painting. But I know I NEED to do more of it. This post is a declaration that I am going to make the time.

Kim, Heather, thank you. The digital painting on the right is what Heather’s post reminded me of. I’m glad it did.