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i could live with three

if i could limit my life
to words with two letters
would my days and nights
be worse or be better
up and in
would carry the day
down and out
would just go away
on would rule
it would never get tired
and off would leave
it would simply be fired
there’d only be go
there would be no stop
there would be no bottom
there would be no top
that’s all well and good,
but i still don’t think so
’cause there’d be no yes
and there’d only be no
and there’d be no you
i would only have me
so two would not do
but i could live with three



this is how i know

we met
in a dream
and we kissed
and i fell to my knees
and clung tight to your waist
and buried my face in your arms
and asked you to never, ever let me go
and you held my face & whispered, “always”

this is how I know that dreams really do come true.



i am
you are
we are
life is

in the moment

Tired Of Thinkin’

Timothy Lincoln
was tired of thinkin’,
so he popped his head right off his neck.

And he laid it down
by his feet on the ground,
and his mouth said, “What the heck!?!”

His ears heard the chatter,
but it didn’t matter.
His body had already darted.

His feet began walkin’
as his mouth was still talkin’
and his eyes teared up as he departed.


captured in the moment using Jott.com
on the way home from picking up my son

1, 2, 3, 4…

Joey McNulty
awoke with a jolt. He
was startled right out of his bed.

What horrible timing –
loud 3 am rhyming –
a party inside of his head.

After tossing and turning,
he wrote down the whole thing,
smiled proudly and went back to sleep.

But sleep had retreated,
and feeling defeated,
he resorted to just counting sheep.


watching my son do homework

This Is Great Poetry

Let’s hope it inspires me to write something soon.

i do not miss you

i miss cheers, friends and sex in the city
but i do not lust for their return

i miss college football in february
but i do not yearn for its presence

i miss staying up late to listen to johnny
but i don’t thirst for the sound of his voice

i do not miss you

i thirst for the sound of your voice
i yearn for your presence
i lust for your return


missing my wife