i do not miss you

i miss cheers, friends and sex in the city
but i do not lust for their return

i miss college football in february
but i do not yearn for its presence

i miss staying up late to listen to johnny
but i don’t thirst for the sound of his voice

i do not miss you

i thirst for the sound of your voice
i yearn for your presence
i lust for your return


missing my wife

7 responses to “i do not miss you

  1. This is very excellent.
    I hope for her safe return.

  2. It’s only been a couple of day man….keep it together!! : ) Just kidding – to Rocky’s safe return (I will keep her in my prayers).

  3. Zaphod… thanks!

    Ines… LOL! Hey, tapping into the energy. Lord knows I can’t write without inspiration.

  4. jeez, here i go saying it again, more bluntly this time, I LOVE your poetry!

  5. tarynjade… I’m so sorry I was in meetings the day you came to visit. Hopefully we will meet soon!

  6. so sweet.
    it’s awesome that you allow her to know things like this.

  7. kim… if you knew her you’d know that “allowing” is not a part of the equation. I couldn’t stop her if I wanted to… and I don’t. 🙂

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