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Folding Laundry

i knew the moment
it touched my hand
without even seeing
i could feel her body
filling it’s softness
without her being
here right beside me
suddenly she was
in this shirt so thin
body meeting body
heat touching heat
fingers stroking skin
i lingered in the moment
it touched my hand
as if she were near
wanting her body
to fill it’s softness
wishing she were here

December 8, 2012
folding a shirt she wears to bed

i miss you

your face
on my screen is
gripping my brain
I know it’s a photo
but it drives me insane
it’s solely to blame
for the sleep
i’m delaying
for this moment’s
for the demons
i’m slaying
for this game
that I’m playing
for this price
that I’m paying
for the urge
i’m obeying
for these words
I’m relaying
and the ones
I’m not saying


i want more

they get
the top to do
the most of few
the first of you

they get
to be desired
to be inspired
the you not tired

they get
blessed by you
the zest in you
the best of you

I get
what’s left of you


The New

i long for the new in you
the first touch of your skin
the surprise of your curves
the shock of your lips
i long for the unforeseen
an unexpected movement
an unpredictable moan
an unforgettable moment
i long for the new in you