my solemn spot

I found a spot
where the kids are not.
The time I’ve got
is not a lot.
But on this pot
a moment’s bought
to sit and jot
a passing thought
before I’m caught
before this spot
my solemn spot
is brought to not
by chance or plot
by a screaming horde
of tiny tots.


written entirely in the bathroom

7 responses to “my solemn spot

  1. Sorry it’s been so long. 🙂

  2. I read your words, they made me grin-
    About your quiet time
    And the room it’s in
    One last thought I did reflect-
    Upon your humorous dialect,
    I’m a single mom-with two small sons…
    I’m jealous of even the second you get, with privacy for your buns!

  3. LOL! One of the best comments ever!

  4. Missed you, Jeff – but I totally understand! 🙂

    Welcome back


  5. You know, I think I distinctly remember you saying you’d never be able to write poetry suitable for children, but look at you!!! You’ve grown so much with you rhyming. I loved this.
    And totally get it. We’re glad to see you posted. Please come by and see us.

  6. Heather and Kim, miss you both! I’ve been a slacker in several areas and this is one of them. 🙂 I’ll be by to to visit you both soon!

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